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25 / Female / United States
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NameElizabeth Iturbide
Age25 (born 01-12-1989)
LocationUnited States Anaheim, United States
Local time18-04-2015 06:10 [-7.00 GMT]

Registered01-05-2006 01:08
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0 likes - like | 11-03-2013 19:08 Stephanhuguenin 
1 posts
Hi Liz, Hi Alexis; I found your discussion by " accident"!!! It's a pleasure to read what you think about my song !!! I'm the composer of "I love you".
The singer is Michael Robinson. I wrote this song with my friends Yves Sanna and Christian Padovan for a French editor "Kosinus". I just want to know where did you listen this song. It's maybe too late but if you 'll give me your email adress, i'll send you the song but you can't sell it. you will keep it just for you. I hope you understand me. Best from Paris !!!
0 likes - like | 03-08-2011 04:03 misslexifae 
2 posts
Hi Liz!!! Has anyone replied to you about that song?? It's killing me that I can't find it anywhere!!!! I heard it on an old Cheers re-run and I'm just dying to hear that whole song, and know it's title and composer. PLEASE let me know if/when you do!!!! Thanks Alexis